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Newbie question about TFS Source control

Nov 10, 2009 at 12:03 PM
Edited Nov 10, 2009 at 12:05 PM


I am quite MSbuild (and Extension pack) newbie. I've spend some time googling some toturial for following scenario but I am unable to find any.

Let's say I am developing some "WebApplicationTemplate" ( = MasterWebApplication) that has custom masterpage and some user controls. Than I have several dependant (slave) project (here only one) that use all the files from MasterWebApplications and add some own userControls (ascx) and webPages (aspx). I can represent this model as following .NET solutions

- MasterWebApplication
- MasterClasses
- MasterUserControls

- SlaveWebApplication
- SlaveClasses
- SlaveUserControls

All these solutions are in Team Projects inside TFS Source control (i am using 2010 beta 2 right now)

I would like to create some build task (create New Build Definition in Team Explorer) that

  1. Copies some files (*.ascx) from MasterUserControls to MasterWebApplication
  2. Compiles MasterWebApplication and puts it into some drop location (this location should not change)
  3. Takes the compiled MasterWebApplication (created in steps 1 and 2) and "uploads" all the files into TFS Source Control to the SlaveSolution SlaveWebApplication.
    This upload is supposed to overwrite existing files in SlaveWebApplication - added custom functionality should by in other files (e.g. with some prefix or in some directory)
  4. (Optionally) Build SlaveWebApplication and put the compiled output into some another drop location.

I am editing MasterWebApplication.csproj file (Unload project - edit ...) and I am albe to create tasks for part 1. and 2.

But I am unsucessful with part 3 - upload the results into Source Control. I don't know how to use this taks

<MSBuild.ExtensionPack.VisualStudio.TfsSource TaskAction="Add" ItemPath="C:\projects\SpeedCMMI\Demo1" Version="2008" WorkingDirectory="C:\projects\SpeedCMMI"/>

I am unable to find any examples to this topic.

Thanks in advance for your help.