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Q1. Will support for the .net 2.0 framework be added?
A. There is no plan to support .net 2.0. With limited resource, effort is best spent on targeting .Net Framework 3.5 and above. If you require a specific task, changing the sourcecode to compile against .net 2.0 should not be too difficult.

Q2. How often will releases be made available?
A. Approximately every 8 to 10 weeks.

Q3. How is the pack versioned?
A. The 3.5 library will always have a major version of 3 and a minor version of 5. With each release cycle the build number is incremented by one, so major releases will be,, etc. In the event of a patch release, revision number will be incremented, e.g.,, The 4.0 library will follow the same versioning pattern.

Q4. Will backwards compatibility be maintained in future releases?
A. Yes, however on rare occasions a change may be made that breaks this compatibility. These changes will be clearly indicated so that you may plan your adoption. Remember, the full sourcecode is available, so if a new release causes you any issues, you can easily revert selected parts of the change.

Q5. I submitted a task, why is it not in the release?
A. Firstly, thanks for the code! If you have not received a response, please send a reminder email (sometimes things get missed!).

Q6. Why am I getting strong name failures?
A. If you download the sourcecode and build your own library, you will need to register the assemblies for verification skipping. To do this, open a .net command prompt and run the following: sn.exe -Vr *,10d297e8e737fe34

Q7. Can I install both the 3.5 and 4.0 releases?
A. Yes. See the Upgrading topic for more guidance.

Q8. How do 3.5 and 4.0 differ?
A. Please see the 3.5 vs. 4.0 topic for more guidance.

Q9. Why do I get Access Denied Errors when targeting remote servers?
A. You probably don’t have high enough permissions or a firewall is in the way. See this link for more guidance:

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